Why did he call a locksmith

April 17, 2015 - 1 minute read

After receiving a call from a customer whom was in a Ikia car park with  his BMW 3 SERIES with the keys locked in the boot. It would appear that the customer got out of his car opened and then closed  the boot and went in shopping. Upon his return to his car he could not find his car keys to open the car .Therefore he called the locksmiths . The locksmiths arrived and picked open his boot lock non destructively,  there were no car keys to be found in the boot of his car, now he was in trouble.  He then decided that they must be in the car so the locksmith then opened his car and still no car keys, this was a cold winters evening the man that owned the car was wearing a top coat, I asked him to check all his pockets again for about the tenth time. He said he has already checked his pockets  a number of times, then after checking one of his inside pockets he shouts out oh no and pulls out his car key. The customer kept apologising because he felt so stupid, I did not mind as I got paid and the customer got to drive his car home. The customer learned a lesson allways check all your pockets.

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