Why Are Locksmiths Needed?

April 17, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Why Are Locksmiths Needed?

Since time immemorial, people have been engaged in the making of locks for securing their homes, cabinets and valuable possessions. Archaeological evidences suggest that the first locks were made by the Egyptians some 4000 years ago. Locksmithing started off as the art of making and defeating locks but has now become a trade wholly centred on repairing and upgrading security mechanisms.

The work of a locksmith entails installing, repairing and adjusting locks. Unlike olden times when technology wasn’t so advanced and fabricating and repairing locks made from simple materials like metals were the only jobs that a locksmith was expected to do, modern day locksmiths are capable enough to carry out highly intricate repair work.

A master locksmith is a trained and experienced professional who provides high-tech locksmith services to clients. Simple tasks such as installing handles and chains of the door, and dead bolts can be done by any locksmith but only a skilled locksmith should be trusted with more sophisticated works of setting up digital and electronic locking systems in vehicles and bank vaults. Making car keys and opening cars is the job of auto locksmiths. Auto locksmithing is a specialised domain and broadly caters to car keys and security related needs of the clients.

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